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    Long time now since my last article, my Erasmus at the University of Greenwich has ended and after that, I needed to handle many things about my return in France and my work (all the paperwork about my Erasmus and about finding a new flat for next year).

    Anyway, I managed to deal with most of these things and now, I'm back in UK since more than a week, I suppose. Really nice weather, I'm glad to spent my summer there. (And, I'm really not kidding, it is boiling up here ^^)

    Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !And, as my title says, now, I'm working doing some babysitting there but mostly working in a charity shop at Blackhealth "Greenwich&Bexley Hospice Shop". So, I thought to give you some details about it.


     So, what's a Hospice Shop ?

     A Hospice Shop is the same thing as a Charity Shop, just a different word to call them. So, a Hospice Shop is a shop that sell good (in my case, it's clothes, bric-à-brac, suitcases books, DVDs, etc...) that are donated by people. They're mostly composed of volunteers as staff (like me, hey ^^) so they have less costs and more interesting prices to sell their products. (Yup, seeing some good old CDs at 1£ almost drove me crazy). And the money will go to a charity that the shop have specified before (once the cost of the rental, the electricity and all the other charges are paid). They also make some fundraising and other special events during the year in order to finance their cause.

    In France, the equivalent would be "Emmaüs" (but maybe with a better control of the quality of the goods in UK). I think it's a concept that wouldn't work that much in France because French are more used to throw away their used items instead of donating them for a good cause. Different mentality again. 


    What does Greenwich&Bexley Hospice Shop ?Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !

     Well, they have the same operation as any others Charity Shop. So, on this point, I will not teach you a thing. But, what is the cause where the benefits of the shop go ? Well they are the foremost provider of specialist palliative care to the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. So, they help the care for patients with a wide variety of chronic and terminal conditions. (In 2014, they cared for over 2,500 patients and families.)

    They mostly depend on the generosity of, mostly local, individuals, trusts, organisations and businesses to raise more than 4 million pounds annually. And again, it's really a good concept in UK because, I think I've seen a high number of charity shop in the City so that is something that can make the British proud.

    Anyway, if you want to know a little bit more about it, it's this link. And if you want to know how to volunteer 'cause they always need to have some supports, it's this link.



    The Game of 7 Differences:

    And since I've returned to France, I can add some details about the difference between British people and French people:

    - In UK, there's something really appreciable : no judgement about someone. I mean by that that when you walk in the street, no one looks at you like you're some weirdos (unless you're a bit too much drunk ^^). While in France, it's really different. Everybody need to judge everyone's else. I guess it's due to the different mentality between countries but in that case, I decide to live in UK. And that's really nice to not be judged or to judge someone at all times of the day.

    - The respect of the rules. I think this one may be due to the strict education of the british people (for example, the uniform). I mean, in France, you will barely see a pedestrian respect the Traffic Law by crossing roads at the good time and at the good place. I won't say in UK, no one has ever crossed roads without paying attention but it is something really less expanded than in France. London seems more civilized than our cities in France. ^^

     And for the 5 five other differences, you can find them in my old article just by clicking there !

    And you can find some more about the difference about manners between UK and France just here with an article of "France In London". I can confirm the two points about working here. You'll have cute nicknames and you won't pay that much attention to your hierarchy while in France, your boss is almost always here to remind you who's in charge.


    Oh! And little thing to add: Yeah, I'd love to criticize France but no worries, I also like my country but in comparison of London, I'd rather be living in London than in France's cities. But, there's also many reasons that attract me to my country ^^


    So, that's it. Some updates today. And, I didn't forget the picture at the end of my article. It will arrive soon, I just need a little time to take a good one ^^.


    Thanks for reading me, See you later !

    Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !


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