• Week 4 : Beginning of my finals

    Week 4 : Beginning of my finals

    Yeah, I'm a little bit late for this article. It has been a long week end due to an event for us, Erasmus students. We've been invited to participate to the "Camden Pub Crawl". (10 pubs, 1 night, I don't think I have to add anything else). That was quite fun and I really thank the University to create events for Erasmus students because they allow us to know better the others students.

    ⇒ (Well, we all ended up at this night club that is an old theater. So, this was good looking and fun).

    It'll be a very short article because I've to prepare many things for my exams but this week end (maybe next week, if I'll be busy), I'll do a longer article about something else than the university.


    Now, let's talk about this week. Like the title says, this is the beginning of my finals. I've talk before about this evaluation system here and the fact that most of the courses are evaluated by grades during the year and not by a final exam. So, tomorrow, I'll begin my finals by a presentation about Virtual Work Group, a new form of group that grows more and more in companies. It has been really interesting to do, even if it's really stressful. We'll see tomorrow if our presentation was good. (I'll update this article tomorrow).

    UPDATE : Youhou ! We've done our presentation and yes, that was good. It was so stressful to explain all my part in English to native English (Because I didn't want to have a bad French accent) but that was good. For our presentation (10% of our final mark), we had 65%. (Click this link to see again the mark comparison) By looking at this link (or if you remember what I wrote last week, 65% is pretty good. Not perfect but for me, it's really awesome. 


    I still have many essays to work on but I don't know yet how to do that properly. I mean, we have to use Harvard referencing and that'll be the first time I'll use it. And the pressure the university put on us with the plagiarism is stressful cause we don't want to see our work invalidated due to this. So, it's a lot of pressure and, I have to see how to handle it this week end.


    Week 4 : Beginning of my finalsSo, that was just some news to keep my blog updated. See ya soon on my blog ! :)



    As always, a little photo at the end. One I took during a walk in the Greenwich Park. Here, parks are well maintained. It's a pleasure for the eyes and it's relaxing to walk here. 

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