• The Royal Baby : What does it change ?

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    It's been a long time since my last article. My exams are now over anThe Royal Baby : What does it change ? d it seems (if my grades are validated as Original Entry) that I passed all of my courses. What a relief for me ! My time in London is almost done, badly. This city is really awesome (when the cost of rental or food is put aside, of course) and I think that I will feel weird when I'll come back in France for a while.


    Anyway, that's life. This article will be the one about the local news and I decided to talk about the Royal Baby and some of the changes or meanings that this baby is. And talking about changes : Just a little The Royal Baby : What does it change ? news to say that now, I've created some sections (that you can find just at the right side of this blog) to find my articles :)


    And now, let's begin this article :)



    The Royal Baby : What does it change ? So, the Royal Baby's born the 2 May 2015 at Saint-Mary's Hospital in London. 

    Later this month, the baby has been annonced to be called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte is also, now, the Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. First of all, why this name ? What does it mean ? (For the middle names "Elizabeth" and "Diana", I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it ?). But, in case you've forgot (or maybe didn't know) these middle names were chosen in honour of Charlotte's great-grandmother (Yup, the actual Queen of England) and her late grandmother Princess Diana (who, if you remember, sadly died in Paris in 1997).

    But for Charlotte ? :

    • Well, it is thought William and Kate may have chosen Charlotte in honour of the Duke's father, Charles, the Prince of Wales.
    • But, Charlotte is also the middle name of Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton
    • The name has historic royal links. United Kingdom already had a Queen Charlotte and Princess Charlottes.
      • Queen Charlotte, who was married to George III, was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from their marriage in 1761. After the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, she became Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818.
      • Another Charlotte was born in 1766. She was the daughter of George IV and Caroline of Brunswick and known as the Princess Charlotte of Wales. Sadly, she died aged 21 in 1817.
    • Some other facts partly related :
      • Charlotte means 'petite' and 'feminine'
      • This name has been used in England since the 17th century.
      • According to BabyCentre's 2014 list of the top baby names, Charlotte was the 17th most popular name last year, up seven places from 2013.

    Surname :

    Royals don't tend to use their surnames much. But, anyway, Charlotte will be known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.But if she does need a surname (for marriage, for example), she will be styled Mountbatten-Windsor. Why ? Mountbatten-Windsor is the personal surname of some of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh under an Order in Council issued in 1960.
    While the Order specifically applies the surname "Mountbatten-Windsor" to male-line descendants of the Queen not holding Royal styles and titles, "Mountbatten-Windsor" has been formally used by some descendents of Queen Elizabeth II who do hold Royal styles.Mountbatten-Windsor differs from the official name of the British Royal Family or Royal House, which remains Windsor. The adoption of the Mountbatten-Windsor surname applies only to members of the Royal Family who are descended from the Queen, and not, for example, to her cousins, or descendants of her sister, Princess Margaret.
    What does it change ? :
    The Royal Baby : What does it change ? Well, as you can see on the picture at my left (left-click on it to see it more precisely ^^), this baby has changed the order of this Game of Thrones. Who's can be the next to claim it after... well... you see the thing, right.

    Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge has now become the fourth in line to the throne, bumping her uncle Prince Harry one place down in the pecking order. And she's not that far of wearing one day the crown. If her brother, Prince George, fails to have children, she will be the next one to sit on the Throne. 

    If Princess Charlotte does become queen, the new baby will be the first to claim the throne since the law relating to the line of succession was changed in 2013. Under the Succession to the Crown Act, princes no longer take precedence over their sisters, bringing an end to the system of male preference primogeniture which had been in place since the Act of Settlement of 1701.That means the new princess will remain fourth in line to the throne regardless of whether or not her parents go on to have another son.


    Anyway, we have some time before seeing Charlotte on the Throne but "good things come to those who wait". So, wait and see as I always say ^^. 

    It has been a pleasure to fill this blog and one more article will come soon here. Just wait for it cause it may be legendary :D

    The Royal Baby : What does it change ?

    So, enjoy your week and I'll come back soon with my article :) See you soon ^^

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