• The Doctor Goes on Holidays (Not With His TARDIS) !

    Hi everybody! As you may know, as a part of my Erasmus, I have many subjects to approach in this blog. It may seem weird but I really like fill up this blog ^^

    Well, one of this subject is free and I have decided to do it on a pillar of british culture, a pillar that I love. "Doctor Who". Yup, this science-fiction TV show may not seem appropriate for talking about the culture of a country. (Well, according to the links between Game of Thrones and The War of the Roses, I let you have your own opinion). But, just know for now that the show exists since 52 years and that's, if I'm right the longest show on Earth. 


    This show is kitsch for some people and I can understand that, but beyond this point, the show is also the thing that represents the most the british culture, the british people and even their cynicism.

    That was a little introduction for what will come out one of these days (later this month).


    https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/why-i-love-doctor-whoYup. Later this month cause this week is my last one of courses and after that I'm in holidays (well... until the 12th of May). So, yes, next Friday, I'm leaving London for... drum roll... drum roll... Naaaa... Not Cardiff (Torchwood) but for Liverpool where I will meet again some friends of France. That will be pretty cool. And after that, I will spend one week in Budapest with another friend. I just hope that I will not have a depressed or blind pilot.

    So, yes, like the Doctor in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), I'm going amaze me everywhere. ^^


    Other news:

    • So, as I said earlier, my courses are almost over. Yeah! All my essays and report are done also so I'm good. Just wait for my grades now.
    • I think I'm now registered to vote in UK but as I understand, I can't vote for general elections... So, I think it is pretty useless for me but that's still cool... I think... ^^
    • I hope everybody has done his "Earth Hour" last saturday. Always good to help the planet. We're not in "Interstellar", we don't have any back-up plans, guys. ^^
    • Oh yeah, and I've recently discovered that I say really too too much "Well". Now that I know that, I will try to stop saying it too much. ^^



    So, yeah, in this article, only GIFs about my future article but next time, with my trip in Liverpool,

    don't worry, you will have some photos :)


    So, yes, see you next time on this blog with my article about Doctor Who. I hope you will enjoy it. Before that, well, have a good day and begin Doctor Who :) (Cause everybody loves that British show for a reason:)


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