• Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

    That has been a very long time since my last news. It's time now for some explanations.

    Well, two weeks ago, I've celebrated my birthday so I wasn't in the mood to write a new article. That was really nice, I've also take some time to discover again Westminster. (Last time, I was there, it was 10 years ago, maybe. So, I've seen that I still remember quite well the area. Compared to Greenwich, it is absolutely a bigger place but I found that the building are less handsome than in Greenwich. They mixed modern building with older ones but I found this mix of the two not really good to see. But that is just a  detail).

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)


    So, yup, just for fun, a Minion Celebration Cake :) (And above this one, a reminder of my visit in Westminter)

    And now, like I said before, I am in the big month of assessment. I've got many essays to write. Actually, I'm finishing a Business Report of 3000 words. I also have some presentations, and others essays to do so I am pretty busy and not available for my blog unfornately.

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)


    And, yeah, I'm still trying to understand how the grade system really works here. So, on the left, my grades for one course. On the right, some infos that my sister gave me from France. Still figuring when I will be able to go there !


    This article is just here to give some news but, don't worry, next week-end, I've planned an article about the government in UK. So, save the date. ^^


    And, yeah, for the title of my article, french people may don't know that but the Euro is devaluated by the ECB. For most of the others students in Erasmus in Europe, they really don't care about that because they still use Euro. But nah... In UK, with a rate of 1£=1.4024€, that is really awful for us. (My rental price costs me actually more than a 1000€ per month. Youhou !). Life has became really expensive, here :D Anyway, if that helps the Eurozone to have a better economic situation, well, good for them. (Here a litlle news about that).


    Edit: Oh! And I'd forget to say that next week, there will, as you may know, a solar eclipse (The biggest of the decade apparently... Well, don't know for this point but wait and see). I really want to see that :D

    So, this was just a little article, quick to read ^^. Give some news and don't worry, next week-end, there will be an article. I give you my word. And as usual, a photo taken by me:

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

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