• Some (Hi)Story

    First week :


    Photo taken from the Observatory of GreenwichI have spent almost 2 weeks in London and it is really different from Paris, Lyon or Lille. The buildings, the landscapes, the ways of life are different, even if just a sea separates us. But, I will talk about this point in an upcoming article.


    So, after two days spent with the other Erasmus students, we started our class. The british Universities don't work like french Universities. We have few hours of courses but many free-time that we must use at the library instead of having many hours of courses in France.

    So, we don't spend too much time on this huge and beautiful campus of Greenwich but that is not so bad as it sounds. Greenwich is a fantastic area to discover and near the center of London so, we can travel easily to London.


    Before reading the next section, a little advice for Europeans coming in United Kingdom for studies/pleasure/holidays (or maybe the three), be ready to stop using your credit card. The gap of the two currencies value will make everything you want to buy very expensive. That was a little advice to reduce the bank charges

    Some History about the University :


    Well, the University is a huge building and there is certainly many stories about it. You may have seen it in some blockbuster movies like Thor 2, Pirates of Caribbean 4 or Skyfall (If we are lucky, maybe we'll see a shooting during our Erasmus). The building of the University of Greenwich (the Maritime Campus mainly) is well-known in the world. The Maritime Campus is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, a pretty interesting campus.The court of my University


    Here a little story that told us one of our tutors : It seems that, one year, the grass of the court of Greenwich has burned and they had to paint it in green because the Queen has came to the campus. (This is also the reason why the statue is now covered on my picture).


    Motto :

     "To learn, to do, to achieve"

    And now, some history : The University was founded in 1890 and was called "Woolwich Polytechnic". That is in 1992 that the University was renamed "University of Greenwich".


    It is the largest university in London by student numbers (almost 25000 students). It is the most respectful of the environment in the United Kingdom. I can say for that part, that this is true. You'll never see any can or cigarette end left on the ground (You'll have a mulct for that). The university is also ranked first about the student satisfaction.



    Three Campuses :
    Maritime Campus/ Avery Hill Campus/ Medway Campus

    Greenwich Campus

    This campus, located in the Old Royal Naval College, served for the Business School, the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and the School of Humanities & Social Sciences. The campus is also home to the university’s Greenwich Maritime Institute.

    This year, the University opened a new library at Stockwell Street (3 minutes from the campus). The new building is really huge and allows students like me to rest in a Starbucks, read and/or borrow books, work with our groups at our presentation and also to assist to our lectures.


    Thanks for reading my article ! I'll come back here soon with a new article. Rémi NINON

    And one last picture: 

    Some (Hi)Story

    « The University of Greenwich and MeGreenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts) »

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