• Week 4 : Beginning of my finals

    Yeah, I'm a little bit late for this article. It has been a long week end due to an event for us, Erasmus students. We've been invited to participate to the "Camden Pub Crawl". (10 pubs, 1 night, I don't think I have to add anything else). That was quite fun and I really thank the University to create events for Erasmus students because they allow us to know better the others students.

    ⇒ (Well, we all ended up at this night club that is an old theater. So, this was good looking and fun).

    It'll be a very short article because I've to prepare many things for my exams but this week end (maybe next week, if I'll be busy), I'll do a longer article about something else than the university.


    Now, let's talk about this week. Like the title says, this is the beginning of my finals. I've talk before about this evaluation system here and the fact that most of the courses are evaluated by grades during the year and not by a final exam. So, tomorrow, I'll begin my finals by a presentation about Virtual Work Group, a new form of group that grows more and more in companies. It has been really interesting to do, even if it's really stressful. We'll see tomorrow if our presentation was good. (I'll update this article tomorrow).

    UPDATE : Youhou ! We've done our presentation and yes, that was good. It was so stressful to explain all my part in English to native English (Because I didn't want to have a bad French accent) but that was good. For our presentation (10% of our final mark), we had 65%. (Click this link to see again the mark comparison) By looking at this link (or if you remember what I wrote last week, 65% is pretty good. Not perfect but for me, it's really awesome. 


    I still have many essays to work on but I don't know yet how to do that properly. I mean, we have to use Harvard referencing and that'll be the first time I'll use it. And the pressure the university put on us with the plagiarism is stressful cause we don't want to see our work invalidated due to this. So, it's a lot of pressure and, I have to see how to handle it this week end.


    Week 4 : Beginning of my finalsSo, that was just some news to keep my blog updated. See ya soon on my blog ! :)



    As always, a little photo at the end. One I took during a walk in the Greenwich Park. Here, parks are well maintained. It's a pleasure for the eyes and it's relaxing to walk here. 

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  • And that is a good thing, I guess. Today, I will talk about the differences I've noticed between my school and my Erasmus university.

     'Cause, yes, this is the end of my second week here and after those two weeks, I begin to understand how the University works.


    Before starting my little list, I will briefly talk about "Me and my Faculty".

    So, I am in the Business Faculty of the University of Greenwich. I have four courses : "Organization's Behaviours 2", "Innovation in Competitive Environment", "Business Research Methods" and "Business and Financial Environment". For a guy like me who prefered accounting to marketing, that's a little confusing but the courses are really good.

    The welcome was great. The University has made for all Erasmus Students some presentations of the University and the activity/culturals place that London offers. After that, we have made a treasure hunt by groups. This activity allowed us to visit the campus and to discover some areas near the University. That was a really good start.


    After this little recap, it is time now to give you my "List of Differences" :

    • The relationship between students and teachers. In France, it is not that the students are scared of the teachers, but since the first of school, the teachers want to maintain a gap between us and them. In my university, it is the opposite. The teachers don't establish a distance so, they seem more approachable than in France. 
      • For example, in UK, you call your teacher by is name. In France, it is more like "Mr/Mrs 'last-name'".
    • The courses are also different. In France, we have many hours of courses (maybe 25 hours) and in UK, you have really few hours of courses (4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of tutorials) and after those hours, you are left alone to work. The library is supposed to become your best friend.
      • Ah yes, always talking about the library. Here, the library is really a huge building. It has opened this year, so it's not the same design as the university but take a look at this following video (Oh and there's no sound so, listen to one of your favorite music when you'll view it :) )
    • The societies. In UK, they are really attached to their societies/associations. It is probably the most important thing in the university and the best way to make friends/meet people/organize some activities with them. In France, it is not that we don't like associations but there is not that infatuation the british student have for their organisations (well, except for our student union ^^)
    • The Exams. Yes, I must talk about that because it is the most important thing in this term and this is the most stressful. In France, we all have continuous exams and finals. So, we can be saved by one or the other, sometimes. In UK, the finals are not the same as in France. We mostly have essays that composed the continuous exams but no finals. And this is scary because, if you fail your essay... well... I prefer not to think about that.
    • And about exams, the grade system is also different here. Let's take a look on this board :

    UK Percentage Mark Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    Mexican Grade Comparison Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    ECTS Grade     Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    US/Japanese Grade ComparisonGreenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts) Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)


    10.0 or 100



    66 – 69

    64 – 65

    60 – 63

    9.0 - 9.9


    90 - 99





    54 – 59

    50 – 53

    8.0 - 8.9


    80 - 89




    46 – 49

    44 – 45

    40 – 43

    7.0 - 7.9


    70 - 79





    38 – 39

    36 – 37



    0.0 - 6.9


    0 - 69





    0 – 34

    FX or F


    • For the moment, those points are the most important I've noticed. In the event I would find new points, I'll edit my article.

    Thank you for reading me. I should post another article, next week. Rémi NINON

    I leave you here, I need to stop be surprised when I see a kid leaving the car by the left side. Bye ! :) And, as always, I post a photo that I took during one of my walk on the Isle of Dogs :)

    Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

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  • First week :


    Photo taken from the Observatory of GreenwichI have spent almost 2 weeks in London and it is really different from Paris, Lyon or Lille. The buildings, the landscapes, the ways of life are different, even if just a sea separates us. But, I will talk about this point in an upcoming article.


    So, after two days spent with the other Erasmus students, we started our class. The british Universities don't work like french Universities. We have few hours of courses but many free-time that we must use at the library instead of having many hours of courses in France.

    So, we don't spend too much time on this huge and beautiful campus of Greenwich but that is not so bad as it sounds. Greenwich is a fantastic area to discover and near the center of London so, we can travel easily to London.


    Before reading the next section, a little advice for Europeans coming in United Kingdom for studies/pleasure/holidays (or maybe the three), be ready to stop using your credit card. The gap of the two currencies value will make everything you want to buy very expensive. That was a little advice to reduce the bank charges

    Some History about the University :


    Well, the University is a huge building and there is certainly many stories about it. You may have seen it in some blockbuster movies like Thor 2, Pirates of Caribbean 4 or Skyfall (If we are lucky, maybe we'll see a shooting during our Erasmus). The building of the University of Greenwich (the Maritime Campus mainly) is well-known in the world. The Maritime Campus is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, a pretty interesting campus.The court of my University


    Here a little story that told us one of our tutors : It seems that, one year, the grass of the court of Greenwich has burned and they had to paint it in green because the Queen has came to the campus. (This is also the reason why the statue is now covered on my picture).


    Motto :

     "To learn, to do, to achieve"

    And now, some history : The University was founded in 1890 and was called "Woolwich Polytechnic". That is in 1992 that the University was renamed "University of Greenwich".


    It is the largest university in London by student numbers (almost 25000 students). It is the most respectful of the environment in the United Kingdom. I can say for that part, that this is true. You'll never see any can or cigarette end left on the ground (You'll have a mulct for that). The university is also ranked first about the student satisfaction.



    Three Campuses :
    Maritime Campus/ Avery Hill Campus/ Medway Campus

    Greenwich Campus

    This campus, located in the Old Royal Naval College, served for the Business School, the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and the School of Humanities & Social Sciences. The campus is also home to the university’s Greenwich Maritime Institute.

    This year, the University opened a new library at Stockwell Street (3 minutes from the campus). The new building is really huge and allows students like me to rest in a Starbucks, read and/or borrow books, work with our groups at our presentation and also to assist to our lectures.


    Thanks for reading my article ! I'll come back here soon with a new article. Rémi NINON

    And one last picture: 

    Some (Hi)Story

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  • A few words for Introduction :

     Edit: Quick thing before starting this blog. Everything is update here in sections that you can find at the right side of the website. Hope you will enjoy this blog :)

    Me, future student in Greenwich

       Well, this is me, on that photo. I don't like to talk much about me  so, this will be pretty quick.


       My name is Rémi Ninon. I'm a french Student of 19 years old. Actually, I study at ESDES, the Business School of UCLy (Catholic  University of Lyon) and I'm in my 2nd year. I study most of the  time 'Accounting', 'Management', 'Mathematics' and English, German and Chinese (a few words actually).


       During my formation, I need to study in the university from an English country. After a long hesitation between China and United Kingdom, I've decided to study only in United Kingdom (and in London, if I was lucky). My choice was motivated by many reasons :

    • All the culture of the United Kingdom (ELO, Beatles, Doctor Who) and the monuments in the city of London.
    • I've been only one time in United Kingdom for a short period but, I always wanted to go back in this city and stay a little bit longer.
    • The Universities. I think I've always heard, at least, of all the universities in UK, so I wanted to study in one of them.
    • The learning of English (actually, I'm B2) would be better in United Kingdom than in China.
    • Study in London is really a dream. The life and ways to learn are so different in United Kingdom than in France.


    So, next January, I'll begin my study at the University of Greenwich in Business Faculty. I'll study at the Old Royal Naval College Campus, the Campus on the south bank of the river Thames. My next post will present the university in which I will be for the next 5 months.


      And, for my cover photo, there's my source : Wikipédia

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