• Now You See Me 2

    Now You See Me 2Hey! Today, we've learned something huge. Nah, unfortunately for my teachers, that wasn't one of their courses (which are great, don't doubt that). In my second article (in which I have presented my University), I've told that the University of Greenwich was, for Empire, the most popular filming location in the world.


    And, guess what (Well, you have seen the title, so not a surprise ^^), "Now You See Me 2" have some scene filmed in our University. If we are lucky, we could be able to see Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Caïne or Jesse Eisenberg. Who knows ? That is really exciting for us. Wait and see, as I always say.



    So, that's it for today (and maybe this week). It was a little news of my life in Greenwich. As always, a little photo of the University and some installations put here for the movie.

    Now You See Me 2

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