• My Life #3615

    Here, you'll find the articles about the stuff that happened during my Erasmus. Most of it will be some quick news about me or the place I went during my Erasmus but it is still good stuff to read so, read it if you have time :) Thanks for reading :)

    My Life #3615

  • Week 4 : Beginning of my finals

    Yeah, I'm a little bit late for this article. It has been a long week end due to an event for us, Erasmus students. We've been invited to participate to the "Camden Pub Crawl". (10 pubs, 1 night, I don't think I have to add anything else). That was quite fun and I really thank the University to create events for Erasmus students because they allow us to know better the others students.

    ⇒ (Well, we all ended up at this night club that is an old theater. So, this was good looking and fun).

    It'll be a very short article because I've to prepare many things for my exams but this week end (maybe next week, if I'll be busy), I'll do a longer article about something else than the university.


    Now, let's talk about this week. Like the title says, this is the beginning of my finals. I've talk before about this evaluation system here and the fact that most of the courses are evaluated by grades during the year and not by a final exam. So, tomorrow, I'll begin my finals by a presentation about Virtual Work Group, a new form of group that grows more and more in companies. It has been really interesting to do, even if it's really stressful. We'll see tomorrow if our presentation was good. (I'll update this article tomorrow).

    UPDATE : Youhou ! We've done our presentation and yes, that was good. It was so stressful to explain all my part in English to native English (Because I didn't want to have a bad French accent) but that was good. For our presentation (10% of our final mark), we had 65%. (Click this link to see again the mark comparison) By looking at this link (or if you remember what I wrote last week, 65% is pretty good. Not perfect but for me, it's really awesome. 


    I still have many essays to work on but I don't know yet how to do that properly. I mean, we have to use Harvard referencing and that'll be the first time I'll use it. And the pressure the university put on us with the plagiarism is stressful cause we don't want to see our work invalidated due to this. So, it's a lot of pressure and, I have to see how to handle it this week end.


    Week 4 : Beginning of my finalsSo, that was just some news to keep my blog updated. See ya soon on my blog ! :)



    As always, a little photo at the end. One I took during a walk in the Greenwich Park. Here, parks are well maintained. It's a pleasure for the eyes and it's relaxing to walk here. 

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  • Now You See Me 2Hey! Today, we've learned something huge. Nah, unfortunately for my teachers, that wasn't one of their courses (which are great, don't doubt that). In my second article (in which I have presented my University), I've told that the University of Greenwich was, for Empire, the most popular filming location in the world.


    And, guess what (Well, you have seen the title, so not a surprise ^^), "Now You See Me 2" have some scene filmed in our University. If we are lucky, we could be able to see Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Caïne or Jesse Eisenberg. Who knows ? That is really exciting for us. Wait and see, as I always say.



    So, that's it for today (and maybe this week). It was a little news of my life in Greenwich. As always, a little photo of the University and some installations put here for the movie.

    Now You See Me 2

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  • I know, I know. That almost has been two weeks since my last article. So, first of all, I am really sorry for this delay. I will try to not do this again, but I might not be able to guarantee that. Why ? Because I have a lot of work to do and last week, I had to research plenty of information for my workgroup. So, again, I want to apologize for those possible delays.


    So, today, it won't be a big article. Just a little one to give some news. Well :

    • It's been almost two months since I'm in UK and I'm still in good state of mind and body. And my bank account suffers less than I thought. I still enjoy my walks in the city and I love being in the streets around midnight, looking  for buying some stuff in a Sainsbury and not being annoyed by some drunk people or thug. (Here, drunk people have a better behaviour than french drunk people ^^). I really think that UK (well, London) is more safer than other cities in France.
    • The shooting for "Now You See Me 2" has ended last Saturday in the university. Well, I don't think we will appear in it (but maybe we were filmed in secret ^^). But, still, it has been really amusing to assist to that. Seeing the big infrastructures for a film shooting was really interesting for me.
    • Next month will be pretty hard because I have many essays to submit to my teachers. I am still stressed about that but, wait and see.
    • Oh! And, I can't wait for next Monday ! I'll celebrate my birthday so, I don't know yet what I'll do that day but I can't wait to be that day ^^


    Little Edit:  So don't worry, next week, new article. Catch up the last big article about the War of the Roses because it was a really interesting event.

    For the moment, I am starting to feel the 2 months of courses because I am starting to feel more and more tired. I really need holidays. Oh! And relating to my title, no special photos from me at the end of the article, this time but a little gif. :) (Because, yes, with all the work I had, have and will have, that explains why I had difficulties to keep a good rythm/tempo with my articles ^^)

    It was (Still) not my Tempo ! (Reference below)

    'Cause, yes, I love(d) movies. So, I watched this Year's Oscar Ceremony. (And, you need to see "Whiplash")

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  • That has been a very long time since my last news. It's time now for some explanations.

    Well, two weeks ago, I've celebrated my birthday so I wasn't in the mood to write a new article. That was really nice, I've also take some time to discover again Westminster. (Last time, I was there, it was 10 years ago, maybe. So, I've seen that I still remember quite well the area. Compared to Greenwich, it is absolutely a bigger place but I found that the building are less handsome than in Greenwich. They mixed modern building with older ones but I found this mix of the two not really good to see. But that is just a  detail).

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)


    So, yup, just for fun, a Minion Celebration Cake :) (And above this one, a reminder of my visit in Westminter)

    And now, like I said before, I am in the big month of assessment. I've got many essays to write. Actually, I'm finishing a Business Report of 3000 words. I also have some presentations, and others essays to do so I am pretty busy and not available for my blog unfornately.

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)


    And, yeah, I'm still trying to understand how the grade system really works here. So, on the left, my grades for one course. On the right, some infos that my sister gave me from France. Still figuring when I will be able to go there !


    This article is just here to give some news but, don't worry, next week-end, I've planned an article about the government in UK. So, save the date. ^^


    And, yeah, for the title of my article, french people may don't know that but the Euro is devaluated by the ECB. For most of the others students in Erasmus in Europe, they really don't care about that because they still use Euro. But nah... In UK, with a rate of 1£=1.4024€, that is really awful for us. (My rental price costs me actually more than a 1000€ per month. Youhou !). Life has became really expensive, here :D Anyway, if that helps the Eurozone to have a better economic situation, well, good for them. (Here a litlle news about that).


    Edit: Oh! And I'd forget to say that next week, there will, as you may know, a solar eclipse (The biggest of the decade apparently... Well, don't know for this point but wait and see). I really want to see that :D

    So, this was just a little article, quick to read ^^. Give some news and don't worry, next week-end, there will be an article. I give you my word. And as usual, a photo taken by me:

    Thank the ECB ! (And Give Some News)

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  • Hi everybody! As you may know, as a part of my Erasmus, I have many subjects to approach in this blog. It may seem weird but I really like fill up this blog ^^

    Well, one of this subject is free and I have decided to do it on a pillar of british culture, a pillar that I love. "Doctor Who". Yup, this science-fiction TV show may not seem appropriate for talking about the culture of a country. (Well, according to the links between Game of Thrones and The War of the Roses, I let you have your own opinion). But, just know for now that the show exists since 52 years and that's, if I'm right the longest show on Earth. 


    This show is kitsch for some people and I can understand that, but beyond this point, the show is also the thing that represents the most the british culture, the british people and even their cynicism.

    That was a little introduction for what will come out one of these days (later this month).


    https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/why-i-love-doctor-whoYup. Later this month cause this week is my last one of courses and after that I'm in holidays (well... until the 12th of May). So, yes, next Friday, I'm leaving London for... drum roll... drum roll... Naaaa... Not Cardiff (Torchwood) but for Liverpool where I will meet again some friends of France. That will be pretty cool. And after that, I will spend one week in Budapest with another friend. I just hope that I will not have a depressed or blind pilot.

    So, yes, like the Doctor in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), I'm going amaze me everywhere. ^^


    Other news:

    • So, as I said earlier, my courses are almost over. Yeah! All my essays and report are done also so I'm good. Just wait for my grades now.
    • I think I'm now registered to vote in UK but as I understand, I can't vote for general elections... So, I think it is pretty useless for me but that's still cool... I think... ^^
    • I hope everybody has done his "Earth Hour" last saturday. Always good to help the planet. We're not in "Interstellar", we don't have any back-up plans, guys. ^^
    • Oh yeah, and I've recently discovered that I say really too too much "Well". Now that I know that, I will try to stop saying it too much. ^^



    So, yeah, in this article, only GIFs about my future article but next time, with my trip in Liverpool,

    don't worry, you will have some photos :)


    So, yes, see you next time on this blog with my article about Doctor Who. I hope you will enjoy it. Before that, well, have a good day and begin Doctor Who :) (Cause everybody loves that British show for a reason:)


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