• Liverpool, Budapest, London : Time to work now.

    Welcome in BudapestHi everybody,


    I came back last week from Budapest (really tired. Arrived around midnight at the Stansted Airport, it was pretty rough for me).


    So, here's a little article in order to give some news and updates. Just two (or three) articles will be written here now and after, it will be the end of my Erasmus journey.


    The News :

    • The next article will be about a local news that happened during my Erasmus and the next one will be about Doctor Who (it's in Stage 1 of preparation ^^).
    • As I said earlier, I went with other friendsLiverpool, Budapest, London : Time to work now. in Liverpool during the first weekend of April As good tourists and music-lovers, we went to the Cavern. (What a good time for me as a fan of The Beatles). We visit a little bit the city too (I will maybe make a summary of my trips at the end of my Erasmus).
    • After that, I spent one week in Budapest (well, the pictures are on my useless Twitter ^^). I really enjoy this city and like said my friend Romain who live there, "It's a capital city that doesn't look like one". By that, we mean that, compared to Paris or London, the city is really quiet and the people there are really nice (well, most of them at least ^^).
    • And, now, I go back to my study session. I've got my finals in two weeks. I'm really stressed about it but wait and see as always. I can manage that. 
    • As I am really busy with those finals, I have two blogs for you (so, you can wait for my next article by reading them ^^). They are really good and one is about Ireland and one about Scotland:


    See you soon on this blog !

    Liverpool, Budapest, London : Time to work now.


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