• It was (Still) not my Tempo but I'm ready for a good Whiplash !

    I know, I know. That almost has been two weeks since my last article. So, first of all, I am really sorry for this delay. I will try to not do this again, but I might not be able to guarantee that. Why ? Because I have a lot of work to do and last week, I had to research plenty of information for my workgroup. So, again, I want to apologize for those possible delays.


    So, today, it won't be a big article. Just a little one to give some news. Well :

    • It's been almost two months since I'm in UK and I'm still in good state of mind and body. And my bank account suffers less than I thought. I still enjoy my walks in the city and I love being in the streets around midnight, looking  for buying some stuff in a Sainsbury and not being annoyed by some drunk people or thug. (Here, drunk people have a better behaviour than french drunk people ^^). I really think that UK (well, London) is more safer than other cities in France.
    • The shooting for "Now You See Me 2" has ended last Saturday in the university. Well, I don't think we will appear in it (but maybe we were filmed in secret ^^). But, still, it has been really amusing to assist to that. Seeing the big infrastructures for a film shooting was really interesting for me.
    • Next month will be pretty hard because I have many essays to submit to my teachers. I am still stressed about that but, wait and see.
    • Oh! And, I can't wait for next Monday ! I'll celebrate my birthday so, I don't know yet what I'll do that day but I can't wait to be that day ^^


    Little Edit:  So don't worry, next week, new article. Catch up the last big article about the War of the Roses because it was a really interesting event.

    For the moment, I am starting to feel the 2 months of courses because I am starting to feel more and more tired. I really need holidays. Oh! And relating to my title, no special photos from me at the end of the article, this time but a little gif. :) (Because, yes, with all the work I had, have and will have, that explains why I had difficulties to keep a good rythm/tempo with my articles ^^)

    It was (Still) not my Tempo ! (Reference below)

    'Cause, yes, I love(d) movies. So, I watched this Year's Oscar Ceremony. (And, you need to see "Whiplash")

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