• Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    And that is a good thing, I guess. Today, I will talk about the differences I've noticed between my school and my Erasmus university.

     'Cause, yes, this is the end of my second week here and after those two weeks, I begin to understand how the University works.


    Before starting my little list, I will briefly talk about "Me and my Faculty".

    So, I am in the Business Faculty of the University of Greenwich. I have four courses : "Organization's Behaviours 2", "Innovation in Competitive Environment", "Business Research Methods" and "Business and Financial Environment". For a guy like me who prefered accounting to marketing, that's a little confusing but the courses are really good.

    The welcome was great. The University has made for all Erasmus Students some presentations of the University and the activity/culturals place that London offers. After that, we have made a treasure hunt by groups. This activity allowed us to visit the campus and to discover some areas near the University. That was a really good start.


    After this little recap, it is time now to give you my "List of Differences" :

    • The relationship between students and teachers. In France, it is not that the students are scared of the teachers, but since the first of school, the teachers want to maintain a gap between us and them. In my university, it is the opposite. The teachers don't establish a distance so, they seem more approachable than in France. 
      • For example, in UK, you call your teacher by is name. In France, it is more like "Mr/Mrs 'last-name'".
    • The courses are also different. In France, we have many hours of courses (maybe 25 hours) and in UK, you have really few hours of courses (4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of tutorials) and after those hours, you are left alone to work. The library is supposed to become your best friend.
      • Ah yes, always talking about the library. Here, the library is really a huge building. It has opened this year, so it's not the same design as the university but take a look at this following video (Oh and there's no sound so, listen to one of your favorite music when you'll view it :) )
    • The societies. In UK, they are really attached to their societies/associations. It is probably the most important thing in the university and the best way to make friends/meet people/organize some activities with them. In France, it is not that we don't like associations but there is not that infatuation the british student have for their organisations (well, except for our student union ^^)
    • The Exams. Yes, I must talk about that because it is the most important thing in this term and this is the most stressful. In France, we all have continuous exams and finals. So, we can be saved by one or the other, sometimes. In UK, the finals are not the same as in France. We mostly have essays that composed the continuous exams but no finals. And this is scary because, if you fail your essay... well... I prefer not to think about that.
    • And about exams, the grade system is also different here. Let's take a look on this board :

    UK Percentage Mark Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    Mexican Grade Comparison Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    ECTS Grade     Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

    US/Japanese Grade ComparisonGreenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts) Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)


    10.0 or 100



    66 – 69

    64 – 65

    60 – 63

    9.0 - 9.9


    90 - 99





    54 – 59

    50 – 53

    8.0 - 8.9


    80 - 89




    46 – 49

    44 – 45

    40 – 43

    7.0 - 7.9


    70 - 79





    38 – 39

    36 – 37



    0.0 - 6.9


    0 - 69





    0 – 34

    FX or F


    • For the moment, those points are the most important I've noticed. In the event I would find new points, I'll edit my article.

    Thank you for reading me. I should post another article, next week. Rémi NINON

    I leave you here, I need to stop be surprised when I see a kid leaving the car by the left side. Bye ! :) And, as always, I post a photo that I took during one of my walk on the Isle of Dogs :)

    Greenwich is not like ESDES (and definitely not like Hogwarts)

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