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    Hi, Welcome on my blog. I've recently clean everything here so, my article can be found in the different sections on the right side of this website. I hope you will enjoy your trip on this blog :) Good reading :D

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     Edit: Quick thing before starting this blog. Everything is update here in sections that you can find at the right side of the website. Hope you will enjoy this blog :)

    Me, future student in Greenwich

       Well, this is me, on that photo. I don't like to talk much about me  so, this will be pretty quick.


       My name is Rémi Ninon. I'm a french Student of 19 years old. Actually, I study at ESDES, the Business School of UCLy (Catholic  University of Lyon) and I'm in my 2nd year. I study most of the  time 'Accounting', 'Management', 'Mathematics' and English, German and Chinese (a few words actually).


       During my formation, I need to study in the university from an English country. After a long hesitation between China and United Kingdom, I've decided to study only in United Kingdom (and in London, if I was lucky). My choice was motivated by many reasons :

    • All the culture of the United Kingdom (ELO, Beatles, Doctor Who) and the monuments in the city of London.
    • I've been only one time in United Kingdom for a short period but, I always wanted to go back in this city and stay a little bit longer.
    • The Universities. I think I've always heard, at least, of all the universities in UK, so I wanted to study in one of them.
    • The learning of English (actually, I'm B2) would be better in United Kingdom than in China.
    • Study in London is really a dream. The life and ways to learn are so different in United Kingdom than in France.


    So, next January, I'll begin my study at the University of Greenwich in Business Faculty. I'll study at the Old Royal Naval College Campus, the Campus on the south bank of the river Thames. My next post will present the university in which I will be for the next 5 months.


      And, for my cover photo, there's my source : Wikipédia

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