• Hey everyone,


    Long time now since my last article, my Erasmus at the University of Greenwich has ended and after that, I needed to handle many things about my return in France and my work (all the paperwork about my Erasmus and about finding a new flat for next year).

    Anyway, I managed to deal with most of these things and now, I'm back in UK since more than a week, I suppose. Really nice weather, I'm glad to spent my summer there. (And, I'm really not kidding, it is boiling up here ^^)

    Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !And, as my title says, now, I'm working doing some babysitting there but mostly working in a charity shop at Blackhealth "Greenwich&Bexley Hospice Shop". So, I thought to give you some details about it.


     So, what's a Hospice Shop ?

     A Hospice Shop is the same thing as a Charity Shop, just a different word to call them. So, a Hospice Shop is a shop that sell good (in my case, it's clothes, bric-à-brac, suitcases books, DVDs, etc...) that are donated by people. They're mostly composed of volunteers as staff (like me, hey ^^) so they have less costs and more interesting prices to sell their products. (Yup, seeing some good old CDs at 1£ almost drove me crazy). And the money will go to a charity that the shop have specified before (once the cost of the rental, the electricity and all the other charges are paid). They also make some fundraising and other special events during the year in order to finance their cause.

    In France, the equivalent would be "Emmaüs" (but maybe with a better control of the quality of the goods in UK). I think it's a concept that wouldn't work that much in France because French are more used to throw away their used items instead of donating them for a good cause. Different mentality again. 


    What does Greenwich&Bexley Hospice Shop ?Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !

     Well, they have the same operation as any others Charity Shop. So, on this point, I will not teach you a thing. But, what is the cause where the benefits of the shop go ? Well they are the foremost provider of specialist palliative care to the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. So, they help the care for patients with a wide variety of chronic and terminal conditions. (In 2014, they cared for over 2,500 patients and families.)

    They mostly depend on the generosity of, mostly local, individuals, trusts, organisations and businesses to raise more than 4 million pounds annually. And again, it's really a good concept in UK because, I think I've seen a high number of charity shop in the City so that is something that can make the British proud.

    Anyway, if you want to know a little bit more about it, it's this link. And if you want to know how to volunteer 'cause they always need to have some supports, it's this link.



    The Game of 7 Differences:

    And since I've returned to France, I can add some details about the difference between British people and French people:

    - In UK, there's something really appreciable : no judgement about someone. I mean by that that when you walk in the street, no one looks at you like you're some weirdos (unless you're a bit too much drunk ^^). While in France, it's really different. Everybody need to judge everyone's else. I guess it's due to the different mentality between countries but in that case, I decide to live in UK. And that's really nice to not be judged or to judge someone at all times of the day.

    - The respect of the rules. I think this one may be due to the strict education of the british people (for example, the uniform). I mean, in France, you will barely see a pedestrian respect the Traffic Law by crossing roads at the good time and at the good place. I won't say in UK, no one has ever crossed roads without paying attention but it is something really less expanded than in France. London seems more civilized than our cities in France. ^^

     And for the 5 five other differences, you can find them in my old article just by clicking there !

    And you can find some more about the difference about manners between UK and France just here with an article of "France In London". I can confirm the two points about working here. You'll have cute nicknames and you won't pay that much attention to your hierarchy while in France, your boss is almost always here to remind you who's in charge.


    Oh! And little thing to add: Yeah, I'd love to criticize France but no worries, I also like my country but in comparison of London, I'd rather be living in London than in France's cities. But, there's also many reasons that attract me to my country ^^


    So, that's it. Some updates today. And, I didn't forget the picture at the end of my article. It will arrive soon, I just need a little time to take a good one ^^.


    Thanks for reading me, See you later !

    Working Holidays in UK And The Game of 7 Differences !


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  • Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !Hi everybody and Say Hello to our dear David Tennant (Ten for intimates ^^), 


    It's time for my last article here (maybe another one will be done to summarise my Erasmus in UK). Today, as I said since a long long time, we will talk about Doctor Who.


    First of all,, why did I choose to talk about Doctor Who as my free subject here ? Well, for those reasons :

    • I'm a huge fan of the show (and of the universe aside... Torchwood, the comics, Cap'tain Jack Harkness ^^). I will maybe say some things that are fan related but I'll try to keep this as more relevant as I can :)
    • Do you know these new gates in airports Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !? The one for biometric passport (that you can see just right there). Well, when I was coming back in UK after my trip in Budapest, I use this type of gate (Wow! Amazing story ^^) but the thing is that one guy there had the old passport (that aren't with the biometric thing in it) and made the gate bip. At the sound, an english man who was in the queue start imitating a Dalek and make laughed the majority of people in the queue. That's why I think that I should take about this TV show that is a huge part of the british culture.
    •  This is the sound of a dalek. (Yup, it's similar to the bip of the UK frontier gates ^^)


    • And because it is a pillar of Sy-Fy and a pillar of english culture. And also because it is so british. As said Dr. Britton here : “Even we did science fiction, it never looked like Doctor Who. That’s because it’s so strange and odd from the start. After we started to get American imports like Star Trek, for a long time the oddity tickled the British fancy. The eccentric English-ness of it is also part of its popularity.”


    Oh some point that are not related to the show itself but in UK, words for shows are differents than in the US. TV Show is more for UK as Series is more for the US. And Series in UK means Seasons in the US (Yup, for TV shows addicts, read "Series Finale" for a british show is sometime stressful if we don't know that ^^)

    So, why Doctor is so british and why is it so cult ? Many people in France thought it's awful or kitsch. But, nah ! :fan mode activated: Doctor Who is an adventure that follows an alien, sure but that talks a lot about humanity. (And it is also a show that could possibly hurt your feelings like no shows before). I will answer later the two questions above. But the first, I will present the show.


    Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !After 50 years, summarise the story of Doctor Who would be a bit messy but we can say something like that. We follow the adventures of the Doctor, an alien that is more of 900 years old. He visit the world at different time with his T.A.R.D.I.S.  (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) and always with a companion. The special power of the Doctor is his ability to regenerate (because he is a Time Lord).

    Yup, I made the pitch pretty basic but it is enough to give some details. Thanks to this, the show is the oldest one. Yes, believe it or not, but this show was created in 1963. An interesting fact is that, at the beginning, one the creator of the show, Sydney Newman, wanted all episodes to be just an educational trip to different time and places in the world with the Doctor and his daughter. But, the other creator decided to change the story of the first episode by creating the Daleks and the show started to became cult and one of the pillar of sy-fy.


    So now, you know a few about the show. (yup, it's really nothing but talking about this show should take at least 1000 pages and I don't want to bore you to death ^^). But let's talk about why it is so cult ?

     There is many reasons that could explain why Doctor Who is now the cult british show ever created. I will give some of them but, of course, there are others and everyone has his own opinion and view on this :

    • First of all and one of the main assets of this : the humor, the tone of the show. Yes, if there is a lot of drama and others moments that will rip your heart, there is also the famous british humor. The british humor is something weird, something obvious and also undefined. Sometimes, it's just common sense and sometimes, it's the most unexpected situation. And, that's one of the best part of the show : this humor is inimitable and special.

    • The theme tune is cult. I don't say that as a fan but as Mr Nobody. ^^ I mean, listen to the sound below and I'm sure you'll think you heard it somewhere. Created in 1963, it was one of the very first electronic themes recorded for television and it is almost the same 50 years later.
    • The villains are cult. Yup, okay, on that point, I may play the fanboy of the show but it is true. Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !The Dalek, the Cybermen are the most famous (and the most recurrent one in the show) but as a british show, the showrunners excells in the art of making you afraid of anything.


    • The characters. On this point, a distinction will be made between the Doctor and his companion :
      • The fact that the Doctor can regenerate Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !himself is good (to make the show continue. Show must go on !) is a part of what make the show so cult. Every doctor is different. He has his own personality and behaviour that no other Doctor had or will have. Leaving a Doctor is the hardest thing for a fan, replacing him by another one is also hard (because we still remember the last one) and when we start to love the new one, the showrunner decide to change him again. (The guy saying "Amateurs" is Steven Moffat, the actual showrunner of the show.)


    • The companions are also a big part of the show. In fact, they are somehow the human being to whom we can relate. The companions change as frequently as the Doctor. The main point with them is that they constitute our curiosity. Everyplace they visit, everything they live, it's like we live that. That's something only british managed to do with a show.
    • It's still educational (well, not always but it still happens to be). We can visit and travel from Victorian England to the London Olympics. The show revisit history of England and for british or foreign watchers of the show, we can still learn something about the country. But, still with some humor. Like this part of the show where the Doctor and his Companion met the Queen Victoria. 
    • The last point was found thanks to The Huffington Post : The show is loved by children and adults. Children will love the monsters, the creatures that the Doctor will encounter while the adults will appreciate the twists of the season.
    • Oh and the most important thing : The TARDIS. A Police Box that was a sort of symbol in UK (at least something that we found there. Since I am in London, I still haven't seen any of it but maybe one day, at the corner of a street. ^^



    Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !Doctor Who : Awesome, British and Cult !For the moment, that's it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as it was a pleasure for me to write it. Anyway, I will probably write a last article later this month to summarise my Erasmus. Now, you know what to do : start this fantastic show ^^. It was a good experience for me to write on this blog. See you soon :)


    And don't forget, have a fantastic life. Enjoy every thing you discover ! And I'll let the Doctor conclude this article :

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  • Hi again !


    It's been a long time since my last article. My exams are now over anThe Royal Baby : What does it change ? d it seems (if my grades are validated as Original Entry) that I passed all of my courses. What a relief for me ! My time in London is almost done, badly. This city is really awesome (when the cost of rental or food is put aside, of course) and I think that I will feel weird when I'll come back in France for a while.


    Anyway, that's life. This article will be the one about the local news and I decided to talk about the Royal Baby and some of the changes or meanings that this baby is. And talking about changes : Just a little The Royal Baby : What does it change ? news to say that now, I've created some sections (that you can find just at the right side of this blog) to find my articles :)


    And now, let's begin this article :)



    The Royal Baby : What does it change ? So, the Royal Baby's born the 2 May 2015 at Saint-Mary's Hospital in London. 

    Later this month, the baby has been annonced to be called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Charlotte is also, now, the Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. First of all, why this name ? What does it mean ? (For the middle names "Elizabeth" and "Diana", I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it ?). But, in case you've forgot (or maybe didn't know) these middle names were chosen in honour of Charlotte's great-grandmother (Yup, the actual Queen of England) and her late grandmother Princess Diana (who, if you remember, sadly died in Paris in 1997).

    But for Charlotte ? :

    • Well, it is thought William and Kate may have chosen Charlotte in honour of the Duke's father, Charles, the Prince of Wales.
    • But, Charlotte is also the middle name of Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton
    • The name has historic royal links. United Kingdom already had a Queen Charlotte and Princess Charlottes.
      • Queen Charlotte, who was married to George III, was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from their marriage in 1761. After the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, she became Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818.
      • Another Charlotte was born in 1766. She was the daughter of George IV and Caroline of Brunswick and known as the Princess Charlotte of Wales. Sadly, she died aged 21 in 1817.
    • Some other facts partly related :
      • Charlotte means 'petite' and 'feminine'
      • This name has been used in England since the 17th century.
      • According to BabyCentre's 2014 list of the top baby names, Charlotte was the 17th most popular name last year, up seven places from 2013.

    Surname :

    Royals don't tend to use their surnames much. But, anyway, Charlotte will be known as Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.But if she does need a surname (for marriage, for example), she will be styled Mountbatten-Windsor. Why ? Mountbatten-Windsor is the personal surname of some of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh under an Order in Council issued in 1960.
    While the Order specifically applies the surname "Mountbatten-Windsor" to male-line descendants of the Queen not holding Royal styles and titles, "Mountbatten-Windsor" has been formally used by some descendents of Queen Elizabeth II who do hold Royal styles.Mountbatten-Windsor differs from the official name of the British Royal Family or Royal House, which remains Windsor. The adoption of the Mountbatten-Windsor surname applies only to members of the Royal Family who are descended from the Queen, and not, for example, to her cousins, or descendants of her sister, Princess Margaret.
    What does it change ? :
    The Royal Baby : What does it change ? Well, as you can see on the picture at my left (left-click on it to see it more precisely ^^), this baby has changed the order of this Game of Thrones. Who's can be the next to claim it after... well... you see the thing, right.

    Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge has now become the fourth in line to the throne, bumping her uncle Prince Harry one place down in the pecking order. And she's not that far of wearing one day the crown. If her brother, Prince George, fails to have children, she will be the next one to sit on the Throne. 

    If Princess Charlotte does become queen, the new baby will be the first to claim the throne since the law relating to the line of succession was changed in 2013. Under the Succession to the Crown Act, princes no longer take precedence over their sisters, bringing an end to the system of male preference primogeniture which had been in place since the Act of Settlement of 1701.That means the new princess will remain fourth in line to the throne regardless of whether or not her parents go on to have another son.


    Anyway, we have some time before seeing Charlotte on the Throne but "good things come to those who wait". So, wait and see as I always say ^^. 

    It has been a pleasure to fill this blog and one more article will come soon here. Just wait for it cause it may be legendary :D

    The Royal Baby : What does it change ?

    So, enjoy your week and I'll come back soon with my article :) See you soon ^^

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  • Welcome in BudapestHi everybody,


    I came back last week from Budapest (really tired. Arrived around midnight at the Stansted Airport, it was pretty rough for me).


    So, here's a little article in order to give some news and updates. Just two (or three) articles will be written here now and after, it will be the end of my Erasmus journey.


    The News :

    • The next article will be about a local news that happened during my Erasmus and the next one will be about Doctor Who (it's in Stage 1 of preparation ^^).
    • As I said earlier, I went with other friendsLiverpool, Budapest, London : Time to work now. in Liverpool during the first weekend of April As good tourists and music-lovers, we went to the Cavern. (What a good time for me as a fan of The Beatles). We visit a little bit the city too (I will maybe make a summary of my trips at the end of my Erasmus).
    • After that, I spent one week in Budapest (well, the pictures are on my useless Twitter ^^). I really enjoy this city and like said my friend Romain who live there, "It's a capital city that doesn't look like one". By that, we mean that, compared to Paris or London, the city is really quiet and the people there are really nice (well, most of them at least ^^).
    • And, now, I go back to my study session. I've got my finals in two weeks. I'm really stressed about it but wait and see as always. I can manage that. 
    • As I am really busy with those finals, I have two blogs for you (so, you can wait for my next article by reading them ^^). They are really good and one is about Ireland and one about Scotland:


    See you soon on this blog !

    Liverpool, Budapest, London : Time to work now.


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  • Hi everybody! As you may know, as a part of my Erasmus, I have many subjects to approach in this blog. It may seem weird but I really like fill up this blog ^^

    Well, one of this subject is free and I have decided to do it on a pillar of british culture, a pillar that I love. "Doctor Who". Yup, this science-fiction TV show may not seem appropriate for talking about the culture of a country. (Well, according to the links between Game of Thrones and The War of the Roses, I let you have your own opinion). But, just know for now that the show exists since 52 years and that's, if I'm right the longest show on Earth. 


    This show is kitsch for some people and I can understand that, but beyond this point, the show is also the thing that represents the most the british culture, the british people and even their cynicism.

    That was a little introduction for what will come out one of these days (later this month).


    https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/why-i-love-doctor-whoYup. Later this month cause this week is my last one of courses and after that I'm in holidays (well... until the 12th of May). So, yes, next Friday, I'm leaving London for... drum roll... drum roll... Naaaa... Not Cardiff (Torchwood) but for Liverpool where I will meet again some friends of France. That will be pretty cool. And after that, I will spend one week in Budapest with another friend. I just hope that I will not have a depressed or blind pilot.

    So, yes, like the Doctor in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), I'm going amaze me everywhere. ^^


    Other news:

    • So, as I said earlier, my courses are almost over. Yeah! All my essays and report are done also so I'm good. Just wait for my grades now.
    • I think I'm now registered to vote in UK but as I understand, I can't vote for general elections... So, I think it is pretty useless for me but that's still cool... I think... ^^
    • I hope everybody has done his "Earth Hour" last saturday. Always good to help the planet. We're not in "Interstellar", we don't have any back-up plans, guys. ^^
    • Oh yeah, and I've recently discovered that I say really too too much "Well". Now that I know that, I will try to stop saying it too much. ^^



    So, yeah, in this article, only GIFs about my future article but next time, with my trip in Liverpool,

    don't worry, you will have some photos :)


    So, yes, see you next time on this blog with my article about Doctor Who. I hope you will enjoy it. Before that, well, have a good day and begin Doctor Who :) (Cause everybody loves that British show for a reason:)


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